NexChange FAQ’s


What is the duration for a NexChange program?

The duration for a NexChange could be anywhere for 2-3 days up to a couple months and depends on what the NexChange student will be exposed to by the host dealer and of course the schedule flexibility of both the NexChange student and the host. The duration will typically be determined after discussions between the individual being NexChanged and the host.

What is the curriculum for the NexChange program?

We recommend that the curriculum for the NexChange program be discussed at length between NexChange host and student dealerships so that both understand the desired takeaways for the NexChange student. A sample curriculum plan could look like this:

Monday AM Monday PM Tuesday AM Tuesday PM Wednesday AM
Intro’s/Orientation Operations Overview Purchasing Customer Service Warehouse Functions


What is the cost for the NexChange program?

The cost for the NexChange program is dependent upon the length of time the NexChange student will be at the hosting dealers location and should be something worked out between the NexChange student’s dealership and hosting dealership. Typically, the cost of a NexChange will be on the NexChange student. However if work will be performed at the host dealer by the NexChange student, that is something that should be taken into consideration between student and host.