It’s the first of its kind, an office products industry associate exchange program. Much like a traditional exchange student program, NexChange is designed to help professionals explore, collaborate and broaden horizons by visiting other dealerships.

Are you contemplating adding a new product category, but not sure where to start? A short visit with a participating NexChange dealer might just put you into launch mode for that new category. Thinking about starting an inside sales team but really need to see a live proof of concept first? NexChange is the answer!

TriMega’s NEXT Committee will match those non-competing dealer individuals interested in being NexChange with host dealerships based on responses submitted through the survey links below. Even if you feel your dealership is not ready to host a NexChange associate, you are still eligible to participate in the program as an associate!

NexChange is a great way for your dealership to try something new with minimal investment. Participating dealers are responsible for travel costs associated with the program, but we are very confident your ROI on the exchange will more than cover your expenses.