Supplier Partners

Supplier Ambassador Program


The Supplier Chapter of NEXT is comprised of the next generation of leaders and rising stars within the supplier channel.


Supplier Ambassadors, from each supplier, act as a liaison for the Supplier Chapter of NEXT. The Supplier Ambassador, from each supplier, acts as the liaison between NEXT and their respective organization, being the catalyst for communication to those rising stars within their respective organization to suggest participation in relevant NEXT networking sessions. A revolving seat on the NEXT Steering Committee is also reserved for one of the Supplier Ambassadors’ from the Supplier Chapter to help with the direction of NEXT as an industry wide committee.


The basic framework of the Supplier Chapter of NEXT would comprise of 3-6 networking sessions throughout the year, made up of supplier-led trainings and discussion forums, ThinkTank Focus Groups, and face to face networking sessions at industry events. Supplier-led trainings & discussion groups include topics such as industry trends & best practices from the supplier perspective, ATR (attracting, training and retaining) top talent within our industry, as well as creating the right culture to fit the organizational goals.


The value to the supplier channel is that this program will provide for increased visibility and interaction with the NEXT membership, many of which may not normally have the opportunity to network. This forum will also allow for suppliers to hear from the NEXT Associate Membership, which are comprised of those individuals at the front-lines of their respective dealerships regarding trends they see in the workplace; creating a virtual focus group (via ThinkTank) specific to particular functions of the organization; i.e. sales, marketing, office furnishings, technology, and e-content related issues.


The Supplier Ambassador program of NEXT creates a bilateral value proposition for both the Supplier and Dealer community by fostering peer sharing and collaboration opportunities. These opportunities will help forge the path for the next generation as we all adapt to changing industry dynamics.


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