Associate Members

Associate Membership

Being an Associate Member of the NEXT Committee gives you:


• A great opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other young, industry executives and rising stars.
• The opportunity to develop the leadership and networking skills needed to help take your career and your company into the future by participating in topic development, idea sharing forums and other valuable exchanges.
• The chance to participate in NEXT networking opportunities; the goal of which is to discuss and share input on pertinent topics relevant to the NEXT Committee as well as best practice sharing in a variety of key areas.
• An invitation to join the NEXT committee’s LinkedIn group for more frequent, ongoing communication and collaboration. Click here to follow us on LinkedIN.
• Participation in new, NEXT Meetup’s at TriMega events, such as EPIC.
• An opportunity to provide suggestions, feedback and thoughts to the NEXT Steering Committee – and in turn to the TriMega Board of Directors.
• An invitation to join “NEXT WhatsApp” community for networking and strategic advice.
• A not too cheesy “NEXT” pin to wear at industry events proudly 🙂
• An opportunity to join the NEXT Steering Committee as other members terms expire.


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