Elevate…Your Game


One of the goals of NEXT is to tap into the know-how and expertise of group members – for the benefit of all TriMega member dealerships – and the NEXT Committee is set to deliver on that objective. Elevate 2017 will focus on helping TriMega dealers elevate their business through expansion into new product categories and services. These Elevate Training Sessions will provide valuable category education on new product areas in addition to sharing real life case studies and best practices from TriMega dealers who have had success expanding into that market. Elevate Training sessions, presented by the NEXT Committee, are provided at no cost to all TriMega members, to any and all representatives at their dealerships. Beginning with the first session Friday, February 24, 2017 at 10:30am CT, one Friday each month will feature a training webinar-based session led by various sales trainers from in and outside the industry. In addition, sessions will feature best practices, case studies and idea sharing from members of the NEXT Committee.
Elevate 2017


Hear from subject matter experts and your dealer peers how to effectively
integrate these product categories into your dealership!
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