Initially a TriMega initiative, the NEXT committee was formed with the intentions of leveraging the ideas and experiences of this next generation to have meaningful impact on the TriMega organization, independent dealers and in developing participating individuals. These intentions haven’t changed, yet the need for collaboration and bringing together the next generation from all stakeholders of the business products industry has become ever so important.

The creation of NEXT was not to become the typical young executive group, but a launching board for the rising stars of the industry. Value sharing, across the business product industry, is on of the keys to NEXT success. Being a formal committee, NEXT is able to access resources not readily available. Industry related content and training brings value to individuals, peer-sharing and networking sessions bring value to dealers, ThinkTank Focus Groups bring value to both dealers and suppliers, and NEXT collaboration initiatives bring value to wholesalers and buying groups.

Another element that differentiates NEXT is that its format allows for bilateral communication across the industry, between its members and industry leaders. More often than not, the next generation are the ones at the front lines of their dealership, dealing day-in and day-out, with sales, marketing, purchasing, content management etc. These individuals see the good and the bad that is available to them within the industry, and giving them the voice to bring about change is paramount to the core mission of NEXT.