Elevate…Your Sales Game 2015: Prospecting

Prospecting: Critical Success Factors and Best Practices
March 18th 2015

The purpose of Prospecting is to gain an appointment with a decision maker; and then to convert them into a long-term buying customer. However, prospecting is much easier said than done. In fact, many experts describe prospecting as the “most difficult step” in the entire sales process. The bottom-line is; like it or not, and as difficult as it is, prospecting is absolutely necessary for selling success.

Jeff Gardner, will be sharing key insights and tactics on how you can improve your prospecting success. In addition, Jeff will be facilitating best practices from TriMega members. These members will be sharing their prospecting processes and best practices on how they move prospects through the funnel.

Who should attend:
Dealer Principals, Sales Managers, Sales people, Marketing

TriMega members participating in this webinar will also discuss:
1. What is working?
2. What are the stumbling blocks and challenges?
3. What tools are they using?
4. What techniques do they find effective

Here are some of the topics Jeff will be covering in the webinar:
o Five Critical Success Factors for Prospecting
o Prospecting ratios – ABP: It’s still a numbers game
o Using a prospecting contact campaign
o The “Sales Manager’s Effect” on prospecting
o Why you want to get to the objection fast
o Handling prospecting objections

Maximum Performance Group, LLC is in the business of bringing the latest and best sales management training systems to our clients. We also provide practical and effective consulting and business planning strategies to help you stay ahead. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to help them maximize their performance so they win more sales.

Since MPG’s formation in 1991, Jeff Gardner has been committed to staying “connected to the street.” Our proprietary sales training and consulting gets results because our consultants are out in the field or on the phone working side-by-side with salespeople and sales leaders on a regular basis. We test our techniques to confirm what works and what doesn’t. This sets MPG apart from other training and consulting companies who operate on past history and theories, which means they can “tell but not sell.”

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